Alternatives to The Favourite Peanut Butter

Alternatives to peanut butter are gaining popularity among people. That is because more people are starting to have allergies to peanuts. Even if you love peanut butter or you aren’t allergic to peanuts, you might find out that you like the alternatives that are free of peanuts. The peanut butter alternatives is an excellent thing for those who are allergic to peanut butter. Although, there are people who love nut butter that would appreciate the extra options.

Not A Good Alternative

An option that isn’t that great for an alternative to peanut butter is soy butter. Human beings don’t consume a lot of soy. We usually consume fermented soy, and an example is natto or fermented soy sauce. Soybeans that haven’t been fermented shouldn’t be eaten as a frequent staple since they have a lot of anti-nutrients that are contained in them as well as excess phytoestrogens. Also, soy butter’s flavour is the opposite of exceptional. You shouldn’t be worried since there are numerous choices of alternatives that you can try.

Good Alternatives

almond butter
almond butter
  • A favourite of many people is sunflower seed butter. It is made from sunflower seeds. It isn’t as sweet as peanut butter though. The roasted kind of sunflower seed butter is filled with flavour. If you’re looking to make nut butter cookies, you shouldn’t worry since the taste isn’t too strong.
  • A peanut butter option you can use if you want one that accessible and affordable is almond butter. It is made from almonds. The taste of almond butter is mild but sweet, which will make it easy to switch to eating it. If you bake or cook anything that needs peanut butter, then the results you end up with will be amazing. The reason that almond butter is an excellent peanut butter substitute is that the thickness and texture are similar.
  • Another alternative for peanut butter is macadamia nut butter. It is delicious, and its flavour is rich. You’ll enjoy it the best when you eat it off of a spoon. You can also try to mix it with a little bit of cocoa powder as well as co it sugar. Then you roll the mixture into balls. You should savour the macadamia nut butter balls.
  • A great alternative is pumpkin seed butter. It is made from pumpkin seeds. It’s an excellent way to get zinc, and it’s delicious too. You can try to mix it with maple syrup, coconut oil, and cinnamon in a blender. Then get apple slices and serve it with the pumpkin seed butter blend.

How You Can Create Nut/Seed Butters Yourself

The majority of the nut and seed butter that’s written about above are ones that you can buy when it’s premade. But what you need to create your own nut or seed butter is the particular nut or seed as well as salt and oil. For every pound of nuts or seeds, you use a tablespoon of oil. Blend them both thoroughly until it’s smooth, and add salt if needed. If it isn’t as wet as you want it, add a bit of oil until it isn’t too dry. It isn’t as hard as you thought, right? You can add whatever spices, sweeteners, or seasonings you want. Roasting the nuts or seeds can also change up the flavour significantly.