Surprising Uses for Peanut Butter – Part 2

Squeaky Problems and Lubricants

Peanut butter is full of natural oils, so in any instance you can think of using something like WD-40, a small dollop of peanut butter can do just as good of a job. All noisy hinges and squeaky drawers can be silenced with some magical peanut spread attention. By the same token, the humble peanut butter can be used for lubricating just about anything: saws, mower blades, scissors and tools in the garden shed. Whenever your can of lubricant runs out, just reach to the kitchen cabinet for some peanut help.

Surprising Uses for Peanut Butter
Surprising Uses for Peanut Butter

Removing Glue and Gum

Both gum and glue can be a menace if left discarded around the home. In the case of gum, just cover it with a layer of peanut butter and let it sit for a while. After a few minutes, take a damp cloth and wipe everything away easily. If you have been using glue around the home, then it can be hard to get it off your hands after you have finished. Instead of using soap and water or even some sort of chemical, just rub a small amount of peanut butter on the skin. The natural oils work to loosen the glue so that it washes off easily with warm running water.

Windscreen Cleaner

Have you ever been sitting in traffic and some lunatic throws water over your windscreen and proceeds to try to clean the glass? Well, a sure way of keeping these unwanted do-gooders away is to make sure your windscreen is spotless. A way of removing dead insects, bugs and stains after a long drive is to rub peanut butter into them. Leave the spread on the screen for ten minutes or so, then simply hose off with clean water. Your windscreen will emerge spotless after all the nutty attention.

Scratches on Wood

Trying to remove scratches from wooden furniture, doors, banisters and floors can be a real pain. Expensive polishes are not always successful and will put a hole in your pocket. Try applying a little peanut butter to the scratch and leave the spread on it for up to an hour, take a dry cloth / duster and wipe the peanut butter away. You will find that the scratch will have magically disappeared or, at the very least, is greatly reduced. You can also try this process with CD’s and DVD’s that are scratched and after applying the peanut butter, take a soft cloth or tissue and wipe it off.

All these surprising uses for peanut butter take advantage of the natural oils that exist in the product, it reduces the need to use various different detergents and expensive lubrication products. You can see that one simple jar of humble peanut butter can replace a host of purposefully made goods.