Unique Peanut Butter Pairings

Peanut butter, an edible paste that is well known all around the world. It’s an easy and simple spread to use on sandwiches or baked goods. A paste that originated from the country of Canada and is now enjoyed by several countries all around the world. Research shows that more than 90% of American households have a jar of peanut butter located in either their fridge or pantry. Peanut butter contains an immense number of vitamins, healthy fats and nutrients.

Peanut butter is made by grinding dry and roasted peanuts after they are blanched in boiling hot water to remove their skins. After the paste is ground, the oils and other ingredients can be added for texture and flavours. Peanut butter is not only supposed to be used in foods like sandwiches and baked goods but also unique and odd foods that enhance the taste of the paste. There are several ways you can incorporate or pair this paste with different sorts of meals and snacks, making the combination flavourful and fun.

Peanut Butter & Smoothie

Peanut Butter & Smoothie
Peanut Butter & Smoothie

Before you start your day or starting your workout, nothing trumps a tasty, cold and refreshing smoothie. With its already healthy and nourishing mix, dropping a spoonful of peanut butter in it will create a beautiful blend of protein and energy into your smoothie. If you are looking for a smoothie to replace your meals, having hints of banana, protein (Peanut Butter), spinach, etc. will make your smoothie heavyweight and also quick and easy to make in the mornings. Smoothies are a terrific way you can sneaky in your fair share of fruit and vegetables without feeling guilty. However, adding peanut butter to your smoothie will make your meal complete.

Grilled Burgers & Peanut Butter

It’s highly advised to take occasional breaks from Mustard and Ketchup on your burgers. Whereas it is an excellent idea to dribble some toasty warm peanut butter onto a nutritious burger patty as a replacement. Most people consider a burger to have a peanut butter spread instead of a sauce, a strange combination, but this special dish might change their mind. Apparently, the Peanut Burger is a highly demanded recipe in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. The burger is recommended to taste well when it is paired with a milkshake and onion rings.

Peanut butter & Pickles Sandwich

This sandwich made the headlines in the year of 2012 when the New York times posted it. Times explained that the pickle and peanut butter sandwich isn’t new but has kept a low profile in the US. Ever since it was introduced to deli’s counters, usually smothered in relish instead of whole pickles, a lot of citizens commented saying that the sandwich looked like what somebody’s grandmother might eat for a meal. This sandwich will have a tough time beating a PB&J sandwich, but it might come in a close second. Peanut butter the food that goes well with almost anything. There are loads of recipes that have weird pairings for peanut butter, and there are some still yet to be found.